Thursday, December 06, 2007


Today, after about 6 years (seriously!) I made the mistake of stepping on to my fren's weighing machine..Uwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....And the figure that flashed before my eyes is UN"SANGKA-ABLE"..Or actually,I think I've been in denial all this while..But the number is soooooooooooooooooooo hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee a different as compared to the last time I dared to step on to that evil evil machine...

And earlier, I'm so "wah-senang-nye-hati-lusa-nak-exam-tapi-sebuk-tengok-gambar2-kat-frenster-orang" busy surfing frenster..and looking at frens..especially those adik adik kecik..who were once my junior dorm mates back in High School..but now they are all Gorgeous LAdies...wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..terasa begitu tua diri ini..huhuhuhuh...
And I also cant help looking at pictures of myself back in the zaman where I am kurus (back then, I tot I am Gemok..but oh Boy I should asked HIRO NAKAMURA to take me to the see myself now...uuwwwaaaaaaaaa...I am indeed really really fhat beyond hope.. demmit kuasa 23x..

I have to do something about my weight..
Does that sound familiar oh blog readers? hahahahhaha..
Of coz it is!! Kan lagik beberapa hari jek nak tahun baru..and my ever loyal new-year-confirm-tak-buat resolution is --> Nak kuruskan badan!hahahahahhaha..
But seriously people..I'm depressed..I was once a hot & sexy lady (ehem ehem..bole tak syok sendiri?)Sekarang more of hot kalau tak pasang kipas je..Uwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... nangisssssssssssssssssssssss.........

To add salt to the injury..My husband is becoming more and more gorgeous by the day (mungkinkah hanya ilusi seorang isteri?)...hahahahhaha...

Anyway, bottom line is..I really have to do something..The target now is at least the fat weight right before my wedding..Then I can target 1 year lesser..I believe my most ideal weight is when I was in Form 5...Hahahahahahahah...I am fat people..But I am not delusional..There's no way in hell I'm gonna achieve my "XS" zaman tingkatan 5 time..masa tuh banyak part part yg belom berkembang pon kan...hahahahhaha..

So let's be realistic..The best I can achieved is the ideal weight masa time kerja kat HSBC dulu...Which is about 10 - 15kg less that now...uuuuwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaa....I am indeed delusional people!

It must be the decreased in my metabolism rate..judging from the fast increased in weight, my metabolism must be having a bungee jump in New Zealand!
Dulu masa kat HSBC, makan punye lah banyak..KErja duduk jek..Malam lepas kerja makan nasik lemak pulak dekat kedai mamak..

Sekarang MAkan banyak macam dulu jek..KErja duduk tapi ade lah kena bangun berjalan2 jumpa client or angkat file + documents client yg berat..and malam tak makan nasik lemak pon..tapi makin gemok..

Tapi Opah dah sebulan dok Kat Kota Damansara nih..and Opah sangat lah rajin memasak yg sedap sedap kan..dan aku haruslah rajin tolong makan..nanti tak makan Opah kecik hati..and tak baik tau kecikkan hati orang tua tua..heheheh..
Wish me luck people..

Okla...dah depress nak bukak contact lens..then going to kiss my ever so hot husband goodnite..and nak sambung study!Lagi 3 hari nak exam haruslah mak dah menggelabah nyeh!

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