Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007.. Hello 2008...


Lagik setengah jam 2007 bakal melabuh kan tirainye..dan aku dah makin tua..tadik patut nak ajak abah gi main boling katCineleisure, tapi jam tak hengat, kitaorang patah balik..So now Im feeling sleepy..while typing my final post for 2007..

JANUARY - MARCH Nothing much..STill in a lot of pain due to the loss of my beloved mother (al-fatihah) 2 months back..During January-March 2007, I've dedicated my heart and soul in KPJ Peak Period..hahahah..

APRIL Langsung tak ingat aku buat ape sebulan nih..huhuhhu..

MAY POn tak ingat jugak..

JUNE Makin dekat nak kawen..sangat busy menyiapkan persiapan kahwin..Amik exam ACCA June 2007 sitting --> which Ifailed later..huhuhu...and Ija kawen on this month..and Ayong's and Along's birthday..

JULY 7 July 2007 --> Bergelar seorang isteri :)
14 July 2007 --> Reception @ Groom's14 July 2007 --> Loss my Arwah Pak Lang :( (al-fatihah) Honeymoon at Gem Island

AUGUST Blissfully married..serius this month pass by cepat gile

SEPTEMBER Ramadhan..

OCTOBER Hari Raya Aidil fitri..

NOVEMBER Tendered my resignation from PwC..

DECEMBER Exam ACCA lagik...and mood yg sangat malas sebab holiday mood sgt dominant..Ohhs..and amik kucing angkat nama Hiro Nakamura..and got my first niece - Siti Zulaikha Johan Ariff..

July and December is really life changing for me..It's been a Great year for me..Hope 2008 brings me better..

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 EVERYONE..Have a great one!

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