Wednesday, January 02, 2008


At the moment, I only have 1 sister-in-law = Leman's sister..Whom by the way, I TOTALLY ADORED!From the moment I met her (Which is some 9 years ago..I really like her)And ever since, I MAKE AN EFFORT to ensure she likes me too..(of course she did! hehehe)

2 has to play this game..So now after being married to Leman,Our relationship (me + sister-in-law) is awesome..I love her like my own sister..And we get along real fine..

My point is..when you get married, you not only being married to your man/hubby..The "contract" is FOREVER..thus, this includes having an extended relationship..Parent-in-laws, Sisters and Brothers in laws, cousins in laws, nenek in laws.. etc..etc..

Trust me you'll see each other applenty (normal + functional families) [including my own family!]Thus, you would be extra extra happy to see each other, WHEN YOU ACTUALLY LIKE EACH OTHER!

So, my advice is..please lah berbaik baik with you in-laws..
Lagi satu, when you're entering/joining the new family..Harus lah you kena ikot rentak diaorang kan..Adjust flexible..Takkan lah nak expect baru nak join their nak besar kepala pulak kan..It just doesn't work that way..

Anyway, to my future "abang" or "kakak" ipar (my sister and brother is still single!my brother maybe this single status wont be for long..)Jangan lah takot pulak..Kitaorang nye family nih takde lah pulak freak kan..Like normal families..And trust me, takde de kitaorang nak campo hal rumahtangga korang..or being dependent nak menyusahkan korang.. (I am an independent girl ok!)Tapi the least you could do is to TRY and have a healthy relationship with us..
So when kita jumpa masa raya puasa or raya haji or other occasion..Takde lah macam jumpa client kat tempat kerja kan..Dan terpaksa berpura pura plaster senyum kat muka, tapi dalam hati menyumpah seranah..

Value your family..and remember, HIS FAMILY IS AS IMPORTANT AS YOURS...So..Don't be so SELFISH..

For me, I'm bless with a lovable sister-in-law + her family and my brothers-in-law (adam & amirul)..But I'm lucky cause I've known adam and amirul since diaorang sekolah rendah..sekarang dah muda remaja..

I've been in a relationship for > 9 years, so that also means I've put in efforts to ensure I get along well with my then-future-siblings-in-laws for the past 9 years..and I truly cherish their presence in my/OUR (me + Leman) life..We love you Along + family , Adam and Amirul..I hope my relationship with my future "brother" (this position is still open..hehehhe) or "sister" in-law would be as great as ours..Possible ke? hahahhahaha...

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