Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy 27 Birthday Mr Husband

Hellow people..I'm updating this with a half closed eyes..uurrghhh..I'm still not used to this new life..Sekarang nak habis tgk tv sampai 11 or 12 pon dah tak laratdaH..huhuhuh..

Today..29th JAnuary 2008..is my honey munchkin boo husband'sbirthday..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING !!!Honey muffin LOVES you soooooooo muchhhhhh..Beyond any words..Love you..love you..love you..muahhs..muahhhs..muahhsss...

After 9 times of celebrating his birthday together..I really don't know what I should be getting for him..So this time around..since this is also the first time we'll be celebrating this joyous occasion as hubby and wifey..I decide to buy him something over my usual birthday-gift-budget..hahahaha..

NO..I did not get him a car..If I'm that rich I wont be workingmy ass off wont I..No..not a phone either..cause I spend that moneybuying a new one for myself already..hahahah..I'm a motorola fan now ok..ANyway..I bought him WII..hehhehehe..I've never bought him anything over RM1000 before, so this is quite big for me..Anyway..sebenarnye aku pon nak main jugak kan..so lagik laH aku suke jek nak kasik hadiah birthday dia WII..hehhee..Tapi duit dah takde..so takleh nak beli lagik satu controller..Hubby promise he'll buy another one for me esok..Or maybe we should justpau ayong for the controller..heheheh..Sebab ayong pon excited for the WII..
Tadik malam kejap tadik..We've just had our dinner kat Mandarin..burppp..alhamdullillah..

kenyang nak mampos..banyak gile aku makan..HArus dadday-in-law aku yang baik hati tuh
..Beside the WII from me..hubby receive RM1000 + Nautica T-Shirt from his parents,A HOL wallet from his brother, A quicksilver T-SHirt from his sister and a SAuber PetronasT-Shirt from his sister-in-law..

Mak oi..banyak nye dapat baju..jeles aku..hehehhe...Have a good one ok darling..
But when I ask hubby earlier what he wanted for his birthday..he answered.."ABang nak Sayang selalu berada di sisi Abang jek"...Awwww...that's soooo sweet..EVen tho aku tau tuh ayat pancing tuh..sebab dia tau aku sukekalau dia kasik jawapan jawapan begitu dan seangkatan dengannye..heheheh...

On the other side of the plate..I'm still adjusting to my new working environment..Sooooooooooooooooooooo hugeeeeeeeeeeeeee a different from audit..and I am starting to feelthat not all the different is making me happier! huhuhuhuh..Really hope I am not making a wrong decision..ANyway, Last week pegi Penang..hence the 2 hari terpaksa pelok bantal mode..huhuhuhuu...tak best langsung tido katil King or lebih besar bagai BApak King..Tanpa my bantal pelok original..huhuuhhuuh..But each of us got the "Deluxe Suite" at the Northam All Suites Hotel..GEmpak nak mampos..siap ade jakuzzi dalam bilik air lagik..Tapi tetap tak best sebab hubbytak de di sisi..hehehhee..Next month pon kena pegi Penang lagik..aihh..akan selalu ke Penang lah nampak gaya nye..as the project that I am currently involved is very focus on Penang..

Too sleepy to continue..see you whenever I'm not too lazy or sleepy to write..Have a good nite..


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