Sunday, January 06, 2008

Rumput-rumput Hijau di Tepi Sungai..

In a few hours time, Mrs Dot would be returning this oh-so-syiok T61 Lenovo laptop back to its owner --> my soon-to-be ex-employer..huhuhuhuhuh..

I've always know this day would come..eventually.. Even when I first joined the Company..I know I have to stay for At LEast 3 years (that's what they all say about audit..3 frickin' miserable and depressing years!).. No need 3 years to validate that statement, 3 months and I'm ready to pack...hahahaha.. Anyway, I did survive for 3 years + 3 months + 3 days..and I'm proud in achieving this..

Actually, my former HSBC boss did contribute to she said something like "Zarina sure cannot stand 3 years in audit one!"...hahhahaha..Wendy, I have to say you're wrong on this..(I remember telling Wendy (the HDPM ex-boss), that I will stay by hook or by crook for at least 3 years..JUST TO PROVE THAT SHE IS WRONG..and I can do this!..hahahhaha...I did it :P
Actually, I'm not planning to go this suddenly..Like I said earlier, one day it just felt like "nak resign lah!".. And i am indeed happy when I tendered my resignation..hahahahha.. Feel so stress really really stress free..hahahaha..

But here I am..typing away at the last moment at 12.28am..actually needed to hold back tears..Which I think I'm gonna fail soon..anyway, it's better to cry now that to cry tomorrow..hahahah..tak pernah kot dalam sejarah ade auditor resign menangis..bulih masok ripleys..hahahhaha..biasa auditor resign mesti seronok gelak sampai berguling2..
Anyway, even tho the works are stressfull..but the people are not (most of them are not anyway..hehehe)...

And I am so gonna miss my frens..and all the people I've known for these 3 years + 3 months + 3 days..

I am certainly GONNA MISS MY LAPTOP pinjam for sure..lucky I'll have replacement from my New Employer soon...hahahhaa...
I am gonna miss MRCB building @ 1 Sentral where PwC is residing..(but I'm so not gonna miss the horrible parking system)..
and I will surely miss the familiar feelings of belonging (ok, maybe only partly true, cause auditors changes assignment often)..

But all in all..This is truly a great great great journey for me..
After tomorrow..I will be officially unemployed..for a short time..

Then, let the new chapters begins..

For those of you who are curious..I'm jumping ship to another Big 4...ahahahahaha... But definitely not doing audit..

To PwC : I LOVE YOU..I always will (ok maybe takleh lah always will kan..nanti jadik traitor plak kat new Company..hahhahaha)..but I will always remember and you'll always remain in a special place in my heart (but actually my Heart is fully occupied by Leman..heeehehhehe)..


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