Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kota Kinabalu with Love

Hubs was here last weekend.
I imported him straight from Kota Damansara. :)

He arrived on saturday afternoon..
I went to the airport to pick him up (i took a cab to the airport just to make him feel extra welcome okeh. hehe. Padahal aku pon pendatang jugak dekat bumi sabah nih kan)..
Then we rented a proton pesona and double back to town..

After lunch, we just hibernate in my hotel room.. Bliss!
My room comes with a DVD player and 42 inch flat screen tv plus the sea view.
So mmg heaven la. hehe.

Before that in the morning, while waiting for his arrival in the afternoon..
Me and my friend went to the 3 Island..
Sapi.. Mamutik.. Manukan..
Will update this post with photos (kalau aku rajin nanti)..

On Sunday.. after breakfast.. we went to Kundasang..
Had beautiful scenaries of the mount Kinabalu and Kundasang surrounding areras on the way to the Kinabalu Park..
But aside for the breathtaking view of the magnificent mountain.. I'm not that Gung-Ho about Kundasang..
I'll take cameron Highland any time of the day if given the choice.. hehe..

The rest of the day is again spent lazing in my room and then working (at least for me while hubs had a date with his PSP).. Kata nye lagik duty travel kan.. harus la kena rajin bekerja.. hehe..

Monday comes (and go)..
Had a bloody hard time saying goodbye to Leman..
sob sob..
Rase nak kidnap jek dia dok sini sampai aku balik KL nanti.. huhu..

As good as KK has been to me..
I can't wait to be home with Husband and Hiro & the geng..
Baru 20 hari away dah homesick.
I must be getting old  :)

Esok nak pegi site visit..
So eksaited.. or lebih tepat so jakun.. hehehe..
Maklum selama hari nih keja dok kat office jek..
Lain la site engineer keja asek melawat kawasan kan..

Okla.. Mase untuk berehat..
See you soon

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