Monday, November 07, 2011

Life goes on

First thing first.. Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha to everyone..

As with past years.. Aidiladha is celebrated at Kota D..
Takde la celebrate ape pon.. Leman sorang jek yg pakai baju melayu..
itupon sebab dia nak pegi semayang raya.. hehe..

It's about time i moved on daripada cerita2 stressful dan sedih..
Dah cukup byk air mata yg jatuh.. so i think we just have to pray for the best and move forward..
And i believe in this life, seteruk mana kita ingat masalah kita.. Banyak org with bigger problems than ours kan.. So let's just be thankful with what we have now..

I've always believe that HEALTH should be our first priority..
Tapi recent conversation i had with one of my good fren from Uzbekistan..
He said that PEACE is of ultimate importance..

We're so lucky we live in such harmonious country..
That i believe even i had sometime taken for granted..

Cause he told me stories from his friend at war grazen countries..
Nak kuar umah pon takut.. bom sana bom sini..
And it can take as cheap as 10 bucks to upah orang bunuh orang! *Shudders*
Makan McDonald pon agik mahal kot.. huhu..

So there you go..
Let's be thankful..

And my dad always say..
What's life without cabaran, rintangan dan dugaan..
And what doesn't kill you makes you stronger kan..

Enough talk for the day..
My next post I'm gonna continue on my Perth stories..
Before i forgot and also before i tenggelam dgn kesibukan bekerja..

Happy working Tuesday peeps..

PS: I think i still wanna private my blog soon.. Some of you has expressed interest to still follow me.. But i can't find your email address.. should you be interested.. just drop me an email ok..


Peminat dari oversea said...

Hey Dot. I've been your silent reader since 2008/09? No? Dah lupa. Hihi. Love reading your blog especially tengah tension sebab your choice of words lawak, joyah, entertaining and informative too. Actually few years back, I supposed I saw you (I surmised, based on your pictures) at Curve. Tapi takkan nak tegur, "Hai saya rasa saya baca blog awak". Mcm stalker pulak kan.
Now that you mentioned you gonna private your blog, saya kena bersuara tak boleh silent. Inform when you going to do that ok. Cheers!

Ekin said...


Count me in if u wanna private ur blog. Sedih lak kalau x dapat baca dah lepas ni :(. my email

. i . n . a . z . said...

kak ina, jangan lupa invite i bila dah private eh. my email address is

. i . n . a . z . said...
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Zuraida said...

Heyya!!! U have my email aite??? Anyways mau tv series baru ka?? Lemme know, boleh catchup!!

dieya said...

i'm speechless.. really.. i was expecting to read more on your perth trip, tak sangka pulak cerita ni yg keluar

stay strong babe. byk2 berdoa semoga semuanya tenang. take care of yourself *big hugz*

Sash said...

ooohh jangan lupa me.

Take care babe, jangan risau..insyaallah things will be good soon. Peluksss!!

linda said...

Be strong Dot, dugaan ni. Semua org buat silap Dot, xpa, sabar byk2 dan moga2 problem selesai soon. Mbe en husband leh jadi org tengah...

Do invite me - nanti yer...

Cik Halie said...

kak ina kita pn cm cik inaz nk join the party nk follow gk.

ai folloowwww....

jieghah said...

ello. aku nak baca blog ko gak. include me in ek. TQ