Monday, November 22, 2010

Life is short..make it worthwhile..

Life is all about comparison.
No matter how we hate to be compared, it's just a part of life.

Every year mase work appraisal, we get compared with out collegues..
Every now and then we tend to compare what we've got with what others got. (as long as it's competitive comparison and not hasat dengki busuk ati, it's okay)
If you're unlucky, you parents will compare you among your siblings (lucky mine did not. tho ayong always be some kind of a benchmark. hahahha.)

Same goes kalo ko dah kawen lebih setahun and tak beranak beranak..

The cruel type would go all: "Anak jiran sebelah umah belah kiri baru kawen 3 bulan dah expecting.."

The trying to be sympathetic type would go all: "Ala.. anak jiran sebelah umah belah kanan dah kawen 7 tahun baru dapat anak.."

The cruel type tuh aku dah biase kupas kan..

Yang second type tu aku rase belom pernah kupas agik..

At times, yg second type nih pon boleh jadik annoying jugak.. Kalau dia kumpul statistic2 couple2 yg lagik lama lawen lambat dapat anak.. Secretly I will feel, AKU PEDULIK APA! It feels like a racing game sometimes..

From my point of view.. don't wait until 7 years to seek fertility help..Zaman sekarang dah moden.. banyak technology canggih2.. we can only berusaha but in the end it's still up the the Al-Mighty..The thing is, the younger you are, the better your chances are at getting pregnant with ART (i.e. IUI, IVF etc). So dun wait too long to see the doctor. Having said that, jangan la plak ko baru kawen 6 bulan sebuk nak gi specialist..aku lempang ko kang.. baik amik duit tuh bawak pegi honeymoon...hehe..

Another thing yg aku nak kupas is.. try not to wallow self pity.. But maybe it's too early for me to say kan..Kitaorg baru nak masuk 2 tahun on and off TTC..I bet it's gonna be harder and harder with each passing years.. Tapi we try la ok..

Don't thing you are any more less of a human being..or a happy couple..without that lil' bundle of joy..There's a lot of other great things in life you could focus on..your husband..your work..your family..your friends..

This goes the same with all of you yg belom kawen.. I believe you girls are also in a different kind of pressure.. dengan soklan2 bila nak kawen.. (been there..done that too..pffttt). don't feel that you're less happy or lucky in life by being single..

Life is short..make it worthwhile~ 


Zuraida said...

oh spot on!
tapi aku tak pressure, jangan risau...grin grin.

anyways, i always pray that you'll be blessed, and perhaps the wait will make it sweeter when you do have a child.


dieya said...

owh ina anda adalah sangat betul!
*joins zue hugging ina real tight*
love ya babe!

~Cik Ati~ said...

thank you..insyaAllah..ade usaha adelah rezekinye.. :)