Thursday, November 04, 2010

Louisa and Endran ties the knot

I have lots of good frens whom I'm lucky to meet throughout my life..  And since I spent more time at work than at home (duluuuuuu laa..sekarang tidak lagik..ahhaha).. My frens are an important part of my life.. and I treasure them highly.. Cuma bila dah tukar2 keja..biase's not easy to maintain close friendship.. And quality is what matters.. I'm still close to my babes cuma tak jumpa sekerap dulu.. (and I do miss them)..

A friend of mine got hicth on 23 October 2010.. Actually...both of them are my friend.. I am friend with Endran (Berg as he's fondly knew) first even before I knew Louisa.. But Louisa is a great kejap jek dah close ngan dia..

Both of them were there when I need them most.. Along with few other great friends.. The time when I lost my mom...Rase macam baru jek.. tapi nak masuk 4 tahun dah.. Louisa and Berg tak dapat datang on the hari perkebumian.. but on malam sebelom raya.. They made their way from KL.. meredah jam yg maha dasyat sebab orang balik raya kan.. ke Perak.. and then lepas berbuka puasa diorang balik KL balik.. Berg after that proceed back to Melaka.. And I really really appreciate and will always remember their friendship..

And on my happy moments.. most definitely they were there to share them with me.. Among others are my nikah (Berg can't make it in the morning, so Louisa asked her mom and brother to accompany her from KL - Lumut at 5 am..just to make it in time for my akad nikah ceremony at 1030 am).. I would not mind if she missed my akad nikah, cos Shaz, Raf and Nizam was there by my side.. but she still wants to be there for me.. And all of them was there lending a big helping hand sampai la pukul 1030 malam.. And they were also there during Leman's side kat Ipoh..

I hope despite crazy hectic work and life schedule, I'll still be frens with all the frens that I cherish (almost all of them don;t read my blog tho...hahhaaha)

Presenting the glowing bride.. A beautiful bride she is..

 Menunggu dalam debaran..

 Tak sampai 5 minit..dah selamat bergelar suami kejap gile process dia.. one of the shortest one I've attended..

 Us wif the newlywed..

 Malam tu majlis kat De Palma.. such a sweet ceremony.. nothing over the top, but everything is so beautiful and elegant.. I almost shed tears when Louisa entered for grand entrance.. SANGAT SANGAT CANTIK ok..and sangat poise.. Berg plak memang time kawen ke tak kawen ke..mmg maintain cool jek.. hehehe..

 And again, the lovely couple mase side Endran plak..I'm glad I'm able to be part of both sides of their wedding..

To Louisa and Endran.. Selamat Pengantin Baru..
May happiness be forever yours..

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