Monday, February 09, 2004

addicted !!

its 3 in the morning.. monday morning lah kan.. and i am still not sleeping..mementang lah keje petang kan.. anyway.. my buntut is lenguh alredi as i've been sitting here since.. 11 pm.. owhh man.. am i that pathetic.. to be hook in front of this pc (not even my own.. mine dah sakit kat umah..since 5-6 month ago kot.. becos of the jalan berbatu batu for 5 mile on the way balik lumut) what can i say.. i pay 5 ringgit each month for the internet usage.. that's half price of what my other 5 rumets are paying.. cause i am using huf of wut they are using.. so.. every oppurtunity i have, i will use the internet.. but usually after work.. bile org dah tido..and ader pc kosong (tuan punye pc dah sleep or tak gune) .. then only i can tenet.. we haf 5 pc here.. wif one tgh kaput and the main pc asek slalu restart itself..heheh.. now..where was i..? oh.. actually i just finished blog reading kak baby (yong's fren aka ex housemate) nyer blog.. i am hook after reading the first posting.. very interesting.. i went far back as september.. tuh pon sbb i afraid my buntut kebas nanti sbb dah duduk lame sgt kan.. man.. patut lah si yong tuh gile blog hopping.. anyway.. tadi ader story i forgot to story :) .. i went to mid valley today.. to see the doctor kat klinik medijaya tuh.. (for my sesak nafas problem) .. yup..i still haf the dem think.. gues what the doc says?? "you're perfectly healthy!".. huwaaaa,.... then what exactly is my problem here.. am i imagening it? but i dun think time i really do need to inhale deeply to breath properly.. but dah 2 doc i see.. both says i'm ok.. my heart is fine.. as with my lungs and whatever part of my internal organ that i am concern about.. i even ask the doc.." is it something seriyes paru paru berair or jantung berlubang ke..? huhuhu... actually..i myself dah start to freak out dah.. as dah seminggu lebey still blom baik kan.. but the doc say tade pape.. dun worry.. cam nak tergelak dgr my questions ader la.. uhuhu.. so i conclude.. it's just phsyicology (i dun know how to spell it..tade electronic dict cam yong :) ) so..after today i want to relaks.. not to worry so much.. maybe its stress jugak (doc kate).. but i dun think i'm stress.. well maybe a little bit about work..and a little bit more about the parking spot.. and well a teeny weeny bit more about my weight (yup..i've put on some weight :(( )... and maybe i do tend to worry about this and that in life.. alamakkkkk.. aku stress ke rupe nye.. huwaaaa.... taknak la stress... abes lah tak de glow complexion nanti... heheheheh..... okla.. dah tanak pikir dah pasal all the problems.. take life one step at a time... oh ohh.. and the good part is..i dun have sinus (according the nice lady doc).. i only haf @#^&%*...??? hahaha.. i actually forgot what the doc say.. but its not as serius as sinus la.. only sensitive nose :) ... oklah.. enuf posting for today.. tade sape pon bace agaknye.. except for my lovely sis antusemut.. yg mmg peminat setia semue blog orang agak nye.. heheheh.. thanks yong..! nite nite.. take care..

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