Thursday, February 19, 2004

I DO ...

i open my email today.. and one of my frens forward this.. but to me.. blom cube blom tau... (marriage) ..hahaha...

Before & After Marriage

For those who are married.... no offence!
Laugh of the day , that's all.

* Before marriage.. I die for you..
* After marriage.You die, up to you.
* Lagi lama married.. You die I help you!

* Before marriage.. You go anywhere..I follow you.
* After marriage...You go anywhere..up to you.
* Lagi lama married...You go anywhere...better get lost!!

* Before wedding -
* "you are my heart, you are my love"
* After wedding -
* "you get on my nerves."

* Before wedding -
* "you are sweet and kind just like Cinderella"
* After wedding -
* "you are worse than godzila."

* Before wedding -* Roses are red, violets are blue
* Like it or not, I'm stuck with you
* After wedding -* Roses are dead, I am blue
* You get on my head, I will sue you

* Before wedding -
* Every makan he brings you to Shangri-La
* After wedding -
* You want to go, he says you wait-la

* Before wedding -* She looks like Anita Sarawak
* After wedding -* Don't know whether katak or biawak

* Before wedding -* Weekends at Cameron, Genting and Fraser's Hill
* After wedding -
* Furthest you go is Gasing Hill

* Before wedding -* He opens the car door
* After wedding -
* He opens his mouth and snores

* Before wedding -* She / he was your ideal
* After wedding -* She / he becomes your ordeal

hahaha..sound like fun though.. 2 of my frens... become more cool after marriage.. before marriage.. they are like me.. a lil' bit panas baran..heheh.. then now.. dah jarangmarah marah.. cool jek.. i envy them.. both are modern mum.. cun dan cantik bergaya wif baby/es. jeles jeles. but a lot of those yg dah kawen macam rupe blom kawen out there kan.. okla.. cont later tonite.. gtg get readyfor works... bluekkkksss...

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