Saturday, February 14, 2004


hello all those love birds out there.. and also all those single birds out there..hehe... its valentine's day.. although baru kol 2 pagi..uhuhu, baru balik lonely..dah la tadik gadoh ngan leman..sometimes, he the one i love most, can also be the one i hate most.. what wif the male species sometimes.. blur tahap dewa punye.. actually..tader mood lah plak nak rambling kutuk kutuk guys memalam valentine nih.. to matter how much i hate u the always made me fall in love wif u again.. (after a lot of bad words and tears, on my part..hahahahah) ... happy 70 monthseri ...and happy valentine's day.. to everyone yg sambut or yg tak sambut.. happy valentine's day too.. daaa

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