Sunday, September 19, 2010

Taiwan Teaser

Elo youols.

Malas ok nak gi keja esok. Huhu.
I'm still choosing pictures to tell my stories.
So for the time being, enjoy this post below that I submit for AA 100 million contest eh. (plus i added more pics)
Till later~

I'm a self confess holiday-holic!
I travelled to Phuket in January 2010, to Miri in February 2010, to Kota Bharu for Pulau Perhentian in April 2010 and to Bandung in July 2010.

My bank balance is about to run dry by May 2010.
One day in the month of May, I received an email from my red friend.
My red friend is having a sale.. again! Oh..noooooo...

Palm sweating, fingers poised on the mouse and furiously batting my eyelashes to Mr Husband.

I just have to buy one more ticket for 2010. Just one more... (Note: This excuse maybe use again in the future before the end of 2010 ;))

Mr Husband finally gave in.. I thank the Al-Mighty.. I almost cry of gratitude.. or maybe because I'm about to have eye-cramps due to my eyelash batting activities.

So the next question is: Which destination?

I have no idea *slaps myself repeatedly*

Out of no where.. Taiwan comes into my mind.. (hopefully no permanent effect to self due to slapping acvtivities)

So Taiwan it is..

When people asked me..

Why Taiwan?

I look at them as if they are crazy. Actually it's to offset the look they gave me as if saying: "You're crazy!"

Personally, I kinda agreed with all of them. Hahahaha..

It's because I'm a Muslim, and my Mandarin dictionary does not go beyond NI HAO and XIE XIE.

What the heck. Life is an Adventure anyway.

Owh..did I mentioned that we'll be going on the 4th day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri?
No? Maybe i am crazy after all. hahaha.

So when our relatives and muslim friends were still busy eating Lemang and Ketupat, we packed and hauled our bags to LCCT early monday morning.

To cut a longer story shorter, we had a wonderful 4 hours and 40 minutes of journey. Weather was beautiful, and we encounter a very minimal air turbulance (Thank God!). After 2 rounds of reading Travel 360 magazine, several times of sleeping and waking up and then sleeping again, 2 rounds of toilet breaks.. and we finally landed at Taoyuan International Airport. Yeay!

Once there, EVERYTHING (well most of the things anyway) are in CHINESE! Hahaha..

It must has a dizzying effect to our brains..Because we were not able to recognize our own luggage on the luggage belt. After our bag has completed 3 full rounds on the belt, only we realized we were staring at it all this while. Hehe. *Blaming the jet lag*

Abang Leman tgh tunggu bag. Boleh tak kenal bag sendirik.

And that's only the beginning of our adventure.

We decided that we had enough excitement for one day (I nearly peed my pants thinking my bag has gone missing. And without taking any GoInsure, that thinking was definitely not pleasant. hehe) We took a cab to our Hotel near Taipei Main Station.

The rest of the day past smoothly by. On the first day itself, we managed to check out the Ximending Area as well as Shilin Night Market.

Mr & Mrs Mann at Ximending, Taipei

Exploring Shilin Night Market

On the second day, we boarded a train to Ruifang, where we need to take the bus to Jiufen & Jiguashi. Well, we thought we did anyway. haha. Instead of Ruifang, we arrived at Keelung. Everyone else was alighting from the train but we stay put. Until a kind auntie who did not speak any English, told us we're at the last stop. By this time, we've exhausted all the words we know in our Mandarin dictionary (which was Ni hao and Xie Xie). We managed to communicate through sign language and the auntie brought us to the opposite train to backtrack to Ruifang. We thanked her in Mandarin and in English about ten thousand times.

Dalam train nak patah balik. Train kosong ok youols. Not a good time to recall back citer2 hantu dalam train. huhu

Throughout our Taiwan trip, we managed to go to Window on China, Danshui, Wulai and explore Taipei city itself. We can say that we had a succesful Taiwan trip especially when we travel DIY style with almost zero Mandarin (excluding Ni Hao and Xie Xie).

We've travel numorous times with Air Asia. The best thing about travelling is the sense of belonging we feel when we set foot into the red Airbus. It doesn't matter where in the world we travel to, Air Asia always made us feel we were home (well, almost home anyway. hehe)

As much as we love travelling, we love and cherish being Malaysian more. Travelling makes us appreciate our home country (Malaysia) more and Air Asia is a reminder of the many good things that we have here at home. It feels good to be home.


puterikurekure said...

rajin betul dot jalan2 makan angin ye. suka je baca.

selamat hari raya!

dot said...

Elo princess kure2 :) Selamat hari raye too..Dot belom ade baby cute macam khalish, so sementara tuh honeymoon lah 2 org dulu..hehe

Linda Hussin said...

Saya yakin Abg Aznil, Ina boleh MENANG contest nih.. hihihih

Anonymous said...

slalu mkn angin luar negara, tapi baby x kua2 jugak? heheheh...

dot said...

Linda. Amin. Kalau menang aku angkut ko skalik ok. hehe.

Anonymous..hehehe..kelakar ke statement tuh? Aku sentap ade! huhu. Neway, I hope you are not one of my friend/kenalan, but if you happens to be one, shame on you for calling yourself a friend.[Friends dun throw hurting words like this around]